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Firstly, let’s start with what is a dog bite lawyer?
A dog bite attorney is a lawyer who represents victims of a dog bite case. He or she assists the victim(s) by dealing with the insurance companies seeking adequate compensation for the dog bite injuries, the injuries suffered by the victim’s dog bit by another dog, and assisting the victim during a euthanasia hearing.
There are a lot of significant factors to keep in check while handling a dog bite case. So if you’re looking for an attorney, make sure to check out Marc Lazarus, a top dog bite lawyer in Orange County, California, who has years of experience and has an excellent track record of handling personal injury cases including dog bites.
Here are 7 important reasons why you need to hire a dog bite attorney.

7 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Bite Lawyer

If a dog bites a person in California, it’s a sensitive issue. A dog bite victim has the right to represent himself or herself at the court, but there are certain downsides to it. Gathering pieces of evidence from the scene and presenting them to the court can be a tedious job considering you can only present certain shreds of evidence to the court of law. On top of that, insurance companies don’t pay much heed to the unrepresented victims and often try to settle for the lowest claims.

Handling Insurance Companies

The ability to negotiate is nothing less than an art. And in this case, you need the best dog bite lawyer in Orange County, California to deal with the insurance companies. The insurance companies try to offer the lowest compensation rates to the victims. If the victim has homeowners or renters insurance, then in most of the cases the companies deny insurance coverage. The dog bite lawyer can sue the insurance company if they complain too much.

Compensation from the Liable Party

Apart from the insurance companies, the dog bite lawyer can also claim compensatory payments if the defendant’s liability is proved at the court of law.

Dangerous Propensities

Some dog breeds are more aggressive than others. People who have dogs with known dangerous propensities, such as pit bulls (22.5% of reported bites), mixed breeds (21.2% of reported bites), & German Shepherds (17.8% of reported bites) can be charged by the attorney for the damages caused by the dog, according to The dog bite attorney can also hold the dog’s owner liable based on negligence.


If a local attorney represents the victim, then the victim’s chances of winning the case increase due to the knowledge of the jurisdiction. As per California’s Dog Bite Statute, the dog owner can be held liable under certain conditions, so the dog bite attorney has to know all the rules and regulations.

Uninsured Dog Owners

If the dog owner has no insurance, then it doesn’t matter if the victim wins the case because he or she will not be able to claim anything from the insurance companies.
Euthanasia Process
A dog bite not only creates unwanted stress for the parties involved but also creates problems for the dog itself. In California, the victim has to go through a 10-day quarantine process. The dog is also monitored very closely for rabies. All these circumstances lead to a Euthanasia hearing represented by the dog bite attorney.
If you are interested in learning more about dog bite cases, contact the best dog bite attorney in Orange County, California, Marc Lazarus at 1 (866) 940-7788